Headline participation for Equilibrion at Nuclear Live ’23

In a net zero world, the role of nuclear extends far beyond baseload electricity and can deliver decarbonisation of industry, transport and more through long-term planning and system thinking. This was the case made by Caroline Longman at Foresight’s Nuclear Live ’23 conference in London, which was moderated by Phil Rogers.

As a new company with a clear objective and a passion for making change, we are delighted that Equilibrion was able to present its vision for nuclear in a net zero world. Alongside Great British Nuclear, Rolls-Royce, X-energy and many more prestigious nuclear and non-nuclear sector organisations, Caroline outlined how we are playing our role and laid a few teasers for what might come next from Equilibrion too!

Eric Lewis, the conference organiser attracted both nuclear technology companies and energy-intensive users to the conference providing a platform for compete value chain decarbonisation solutions to emerge in sectors where emissions are hardest to abate.

At the same time, Allan was also on stage at the YGN conference at Magna, Rotherham, so it was a busy day!