Project Development

Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Heat Production

Project Development for true climate change mitigation

Climate change continues to threaten our planet and we still have no solution for decarbonsing the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the promise of success in decarbonising our electricity system, in the transport, heat and industrial sectors, we are still almost entirely reliant on fossil fuels with no technical solution that can deliver close to the scale needed. This is 75% of our GHG emissions. Nuclear energy is the only low carbon, firm source of high capacity heat that can deliver on this monumental challenge

Equilibrion’s Approach to Project Development

We design and deliver cross sector propositions for the deployment of end-to-end nuclear energy solutions. We deliver the work to create the route to market for nuclear energy

Our IP is the engineering system that delivers the technical integration required to convert nuclear heat and electricity to low carbon fuels

We deliver the commercial production systems for low carbon fuels from nuclear energy

Project Development

We would love to hear from any organisation in the nuclear-low carbon fuels value chain who can contribute to our projects. We want to hear from technology vendors, site stakeholders and those representing the future offtake markets