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Nuclear-derived Sustainable Aviation Fuel

34 Million flights to decarbonise, every year

Global aviation is committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Large-scale, reliable technology and projects that support this goal are needed now

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is globally considered the only viable solution for long-haul decarbonisation

Global SAF market is predicted to be $400 billion per year by 2050, yet production is trailing demand, and scale-up is constrained by lack of secure, low-carbon energy generation

Power-to-Liquids for the Next Generation

Eq.Flight is an engineered system that harnesses the power of nuclear energy to deliver SAF at the scale required to make a meaningful contibution to fighting climate change

Our commitment is to leave a better world for the next generation by partnering proven nuclear technology with a dedicated and bespoke Power-to-Liquids system that reduces cost and is deployable at scale starting now

A national solution with a global impact on climate change


Consistent, reliable operation as standard. No requirement for backup generation or storage

Consistent Operation

Operating for up to two years without interruption maximises output and utilisation of investments

Mandate compliant

Delivers fuel compliant with UK and international mandates to achieve government and industrial targets

LOwest achievable lifecycle emissions

Nuclear-derived SAF is the greenest, lowest-carbon SAF of all production routes

creating jobs, building communities

Re-deployment of well-paid jobs and skills at risk from the energy transition.

Proven technology

Worldwide, 440 nuclear reactors operate every day. Eq.Flight deploys proven fuel synthesis technology.


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If you are interested in being part of our mission, or just keen to learn more, please be in touch. We’ll always be pleased to hear from you and have a follow-up.