YGN hears from Chief Technologist on whole system decarbonisation

Nuclear has a golden opportunity to support whole system decarbonisation, both in the UK and internationally, but for the technology to achieve its potential requires working in harmony with other energy sources and clear messaging on its value in a changing energy system.

At the 2024 YGN conference, our Chief Technologist articulated the case for nuclear in whole system decarbonisation and how in a future energy system it must extend its value proposition beyond baseload generation in remote locations.

Our energy system is changing with an increasing reliance on variable, dispersed energy sources that require backup generation and high levels of energy storage. To achieve economic success, nuclear projects must fully appreciate their value proposition in this new environment, whether it be off-grid production to major energy consumers, or operating flexibly on the grid to maximise the value of renewable output when it is available and minimising the cost of compensating for the inherent variability of output.

We believe that by speaking with a common voice and in the language of whole system decarbonisation the nuclear sector can ensure its value is not overlooked by stakeholders and decision-makers, thereby ensuring we maximise the emissions reduction that we can deliver.