Equilibrion Responds to Hydrogen Blending Consultation

Providing input to Government is a fundamentally important part of being an active member of industry and we take our role in this area very seriously to ensure that the voice of the nuclear sector is heard in parts of Government where traditionally nuclear has not engaged.

Consultations provide the perfect opportunity to deliver meaningful contribution through formal processes and this month we were delighted for the opportunity to input to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Hydrogen Team on the role of nuclear in decision-making on hydrogen blending.

Our stance is purely that the potential availability of hydrogen from nuclear should be a strategic consideration in wider decision-making on hydrogen blending. Doing so will ensure robust decisions based on considering all the available sources of hydrogen.

We also took the opportunity to reiterate why nuclear is an ideal input energy source for hydrogen production!

You can read our response in the downloads section of our website here.