Equilibrion marks its first year in the NIA nuclear jobs map

One of the most significant risks a new company faces is being overlooked amongst the crowd of larger companies. That’s why being literally ‘on the map’ means so much to us.

If we are to deliver the ambition of up to 24 GW of new nuclear in the UK by 2050, the sector needs to access capability right across the UK. This includes attracting young talent into the sector straight from education, providing high-value opportunities to those whose jobs may be at risk from the energy transition and attracting capability from other sectors when individuals are excited by the nuclear sector.

This year we are three, but after a year of going from strength to strength who knows where we will be next year! Be sure to check back to see our progress.

The nuclear jobs map from the NIA is available here: NIA Jobs Map 2023 – Nuclear Industry Association (niauk.org)