Our Response to the DESNZ Alternative Routes to Market Consultation

Formal consultations are a hugely valuable part of the process of engagement between industry and His Majesty’s Government (HMG), providing industry with a voice in Whitehall and offering HMG civil servants with access to technical insights and market expertise. Responses can also provide a mandate for HMG to enact policy and funding interventions based on industrial needs. Synergistically, these then support the delivery of related HMG policies on the basis that industry and markets are fundamental to a nations ability to deliver on policies set by their governments.

We find this complementarity fascinating and rewarding to engage with. That’s why we prioritise responding to consultations where we have relevant knowledge and believe our business can have impact. As a small business we are also passionate for the SME voice to be heard, even if that means devoting relatively more time than for a larger organisation.

This is why we were delighted to submit our response to the Alternative Routes to Market consultation in April, which we have shared on our website at the link below. We would also like to congratulate the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero team responsible for the consultation on making it possible for us to have a voice at all through this forum. Sometimes just getting to the point of issuing a consultation can be along road, and the nature of this one in particular shows the forward thinking nature of the DESNZ Nuclear Teams.

You can read our response here.